Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This despicable crony capitalist resigned as Chair of the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB).
WEEKS still chairs the Parking and Traffic Committee.
WEEKS still serves on the all-white Visioning Committee.
Both meet tomorrow at 8:30 AM, an inconvenient time.
WEEKS destroyed 62A Spanish Street, a 210-year old building.
WEEKS still profiteers from his 81 St. George Street no-bid lease with Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR.
WEEKS destroyed St. Augustine's musicians and artists by making music and art on St. George Street a crime.
WEEKS is a disgrace to our Nation's Oldest City.
WEEKS, be gone!

Ben Rich Calls for Resignation of WILLIAM McCLURE, County Commissioner, Operator of Medical Clinics Under Investigation for Medicaid/Medicare Fraud

Thank you for speaking out. Watch during Public Comment, here.

I have taken my private time at my own expense to come before you today regarding a matter that needs to be addressed. I have prepared this written statement for two reasons. First, so that I would make no mistakes regarding the message that I want you to get and second, so there would be no possibility that I would revert back to my decades of experience as a federal special agent and say a bunch of things directly to one of you. So, now, in accordance with your BCC policies, I will have my say.
We all know that when a U.S. Citizen is accused of criminal activity, he or she is presumed innocent until proven guilty. My comments are not about guilt or innocence.
When a search or arrest warrant is issued, it is not because the police believe that a crime has been committed. It is because a Judge believes there is reasonable cause to believe a crime has been committed and he orders the police to conduct a search for evidence of that crime or arrest an individual for suspected commission of that crime. The judge also commands that the evidence seized during the execution of a warrant be listed on the return to that judge or that the body of the arrested person be brought before the court for formal charges of criminal offenses.
The system is a lock step process with one action naturally following another. The protocol of evidence seizure, evaluation of evidentiary material, further grand jury proceedings if necessary, arrest warrant affidavit filings, arrests, charging, pleas, and plea bargaining or trial followed by acquittal, mistrial or conviction and sentencing.
To suffer any or all of these things is devastating, especially if in the final hour, the individuals being tried are found guilty and appropriately sentenced to prison terms.
Anyone who serves in a position of public trust is held to a much higher standard than those he or she serves. No innocent citizen deserves to suffer betrayal and its associated disgrace by having to endure the agony that comes with the criminal prosecution of one of their elected officials.
As you know, in the past this body has had to endure the prosecution and conviction of another commissioner for violation of federal law. Fortunately, he resigned his position but the stain of his disgraceful behavior is still the fodder of the public and press 6 years later.
My point today is this. If any of you should find yourselves in a position to be accused of criminal behavior, YOU know for sure if you are guilty or not. To us, the voters who put you in office, your guilt or innocence is irrelevant. The appearance of impropriety at the level of a publicly elected official should be enough to seriously consider resignation. A formal charge alleging guilt is more than enough to require your resignation and relieve the public from sharing all of the pain the future holds. To allow a situation to deteriorate to that level is patently irresponsible. My advice to any of you is to be proactive in leaving your office rather than being forced to resign.
Your job is to do what is best for the majority of the citizens you represent, regardless as to what damage that may cause you personally. Your jobs are about sacrificing for those who trust you. In all cases you must do what is the right thing for the people. The issues you deal with are not about you, they are about those who trust you. You are trusted. You and your office belong to us.
When you all took this job, you knew that you might someday be expected to fall upon your own sword to save us. If such a time should ever come, or now is such a time, have the dignity to leave office with your honor, integrity and reputation still intact.
I cannot speak to any of you directly in this public forum regarding your personal behavior, and not be in violation of your own rules. However, none of you are bound by this restriction and, in the interest of Sunshine Regulations and because this issue is now on the table, I encourage any or all of you to make comment to one another as you feel appropriate.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stopping Demolitions of Historic St. Augustine Buildings -- Yes We Can!

On October 27, 2014, City Commission will have on the consent agenda our City Attorney Isabelle Lopez's recommended finding of "legal sufficiency" that I have standing under Florida's 1985 law and court decisions to appeal from a demolition permit granted to destroy 90 year old Echo House.
The appeal will then likely be heard on or after December 8th by the new City Commission.
The precedent of "legal sufficiency" will allow historic and environmental activists to contest future demolition permits for historic buildings for inconsistency with Section HP 1.8 of our Comprehensive Plan, requiring compliance with our demolition standards in Chapter 28 of our City Code. Other inconsistencies may also be appealed from, without having to be an adjoining neighbor.
We will preserve and protect St. Augustine, where I have proudly lived since November 5, 1999 -- fifteen years.
Thank you, Commissioners and City Attorney Isabelle Lopez.
With this precedent: No more Wrecking Crews destroying our history in our Nation's Oldest City without City Commission appeals.
Our Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) will be expected to apply the law without fear or favor.
If not, we appeal to City Commissioners to overrule HARB.
If only it had happened when Flagler College and Florida School for the Deaf and Blind obliterated entire city blocks.
We shall overcome!
Happy 450th, St. Augustine!

Did County Commission Authorize Illegal Payment to Commissioner PRISCILLA BENNETT, A/K/A "RACHAEL BENNETT?"

Waste, fraud and abuse?
St. Johns County Commission today passed on 4-0 vote (BENNETT recusing herself after participating in debate), authorized a possibly illegal payment to reimburse BENNETT for $2500 in legal fees in connection with a legally insufficient complaint filed with the Florida Elections Commission.
There was never an "investigation."
Citizen Thomas Reynolds, armed with his own legal research on St. Johns County and Florida law, opposed the payment as not rooted in any legal basis, since there was no "investigation." Mr. Reynolds said another citizen (unnamed) had reported the matter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
The possibly illegal payment goes to reimburse BENNETT for $2500 she paid to Tallahassee lawyer Ronald G. Meyer for 6.5 hours of legal work by him and an associate on a complaint by unsuccessful Commission candidate Kim Kendall.
Commissioner RONALD SANCHEZ wants to bill complainant Kim Kendall for the $2500 fee (because she used the complaint to "get publicity" in her race against SANCHEZ, who lost to Jeb Smith).
St. Johns County Commissioner BENNETT said the complaint was "dirty."
But St. Johns Commissioners want to punish Kendall for her legally insufficient complaint.
Read the lawyer bill here.
Watch inculpatory nearly fifteen minute video here.

Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee Dies at 93

Ben Bradlee lived a wonderful life. Friends with JFK, mentor to Woodward & Bernstein, be stimulated generations of investigative reporters, including me. He was not perfect, nor was the Washington Post, but none of us are. He and his staff helped to bring down a corrupt President, RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON. We need more like him. He will be missed. Bon voyage!

Bradlee wrote in his memoirs: "I was on a roll being in the right place at the right time, a luck that has stayed with me." I feel the same way.

Post obit here
Times obit here

Thirteen Days to Election -- There's No Crazy Like "Florida Crazy"

MAYOR JOE BOLES' chauvinism, and that of his supporters, knows no bounds. Firings, threats, intimidation and at least one eviction -- pitiful. The whole world is watching.

Monday, October 20, 2014

St. Augustine Record Website Fine Print Disclaimer -- You Can't Believe A Word They Say!

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Re: The St Augustine Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc. (nonprofit incorporated by Messrs. Boles, Regan and Ste. Claire on 4/14/2010)

From: easlavin
To: mayorboles
Sent: Mon, Oct 20, 2014 12:21 pm
Subject: Re: The St Augustine Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc. (nonprofit incorporated by Messrs. Boles, Regan and Ste. Claire on 4/14/2010)
Good afternoon:
1. Are you invoking your Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, Mayor Boles?
2. You have the right to remain silent, but we wish you wouldn't.
3. FEI/EIN "applied for? Please explain.
4. Please send application and 990.
5. Did you take off the names of John Regan and Dana Set. Claire as directors yet, as they both say that they requested? Not reflected on Secretary of State website yet.
Thank you.
Ed Slavin

"The Last Hurrah" of JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR.

Trying to cadge votes from people he hasn't talked to in years, Mayr JOSEPH BOLES, JR. fears a verdict he cannot fix on November 4th. Only the beneficiary of City advertising largesse, the St. Augustine Record, endorses him.


Early voting began today. Vote absentee, or go to the dumb 'ole Election Supervisor's office or St. Augustine Beach City Hall, both inconveniently located outside St. Augustine City Limits by our Election Supervisor for Life, VICKY OAKES, known Republican reprobate.


1. "L'ETAT, C'EST MOI." ("I am the state") --- King Louis XIV of France.

2. "AS OF NOW, I AM IN CONTROL" -- Al Haig, President Reagan's first Secretary of State, on March 30, 1981, the day Reagan was shot.

3. "I AM THE LAW" ("Listen, here is the law! I am the law!" at Emory Methodist Episcopal Church in Jersey City, November 10, 1937.)
Frank Hague,dictatorial Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey from 1917 to 1947, Democratic National Committeeman from New Jersey from 1922 until 1949, and Vice-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1924 until 1949. Wikipedia reports, "Hague died on New Year's Day in 1956 at his Park Avenue duplex apartment in New York. While hundreds gathered to see the casket depart the funeral home, only four men were seen to remove their hats for the passing of the coffin. One woman present held an American Flag and a sign that read, 'God have mercy on his sinful, greedy soul.'"

4. "I'LL GET ONE" --- Dictatorial St. Augustine City Manager WILLIAM BRUCE HARRISS (1998-2010) to then St. Augustine City Attorney JAMES PATRICK WILSON, Esquire at Old City Reservoir, February 24, 2006, when WILSON asked HARRISS if he had a St. Johns River Water Management District permit to dump 40,000 cubic yards of contaminated solid waste in St. Augustine's Old City Reservoir. (He never got one. After a long expensive $300,000 struggle, the waste was ordered deposited in Nassau County Landfill.)

5. "WE MAKE MONEY" --- St. Augustine's dictatorial Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR. (2006-2014) October 7, 2014 on what the City of St. Augustine does best, a "Floridian slip" referring to greedy "crony capitalists" like himself and ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS. Said October 7, 2014 one thing St. Augustine does "very well" is "WE ALSO KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY HERE." DOCUMENTED. VIDEOTAPED at River House. Question at 1:00:00, Mayor BOLES' answer is at 1:04:32.

Spoken like a man with a no-bid below market lease from the City with ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS for 81 St. George Street.

Ipse dixit. (He said it). Inculpatory. Shallow. Vapid. Silly. Let's call the whole thing off! No more years!